• What is Flipover?

    In FlipOver we believe that a caring world can't be built by careless people.
    You can help to identify the social challenges. Design solutions and change what matters.

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  • Identify

    Why should you care?

    Social challenges have grown considerably while traditional funding sources have almost disappeared. You can talk about them, moan, justify them to yourself, or you can change things by committing yourself. The choice is in your hands.

    Help to generate the world's biggest Social GPS, so we can identify social challenges and solve them together.

    Discover and share the world's biggest social GPS

  • Change

    How can you help to make a difference?

    Now with FlipOver you can choose to help in a very easy way. With no obligations nor regular donations, you are now free to support the project as far as you wish or can, in cash or in kind.

    Moreover with FlipOver you will be able to know how your funded project is advancing at any time, with photos, videos and comments. Now with your help it is possible.

    Flip the social challenges over